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About Betawinds Learning Solutions

We are a social enterprise working towards empowering individuals to achieve their excellence. Our vision is premised on the belief that individual excellence often leads to higher-order personal wellbeing and promotes contribution towards positive societal development. Taking into account personal aspirations as well as human development factors, we work with individuals across age groups and offer customized services to help them tap into their best potential. Our courses broadly focus on the age group of 10-30 years.

For students (up to 21 years of age), our courses focus on: building competencies, developing physical, emotional, and social intelligence, clarity about values and identity, rewiring the BETA cycle, and turning dreams into actionable goals.

For working professionals (21+ years of age), our courses focus on: clarity about one's goals and choices, setting SMARTER goals and achieving them, and making effective career choices (employment/ career change/ entrepreneurship).
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